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It is confirmed people, Lady Gaga will preform at MTV EMAs. This will be Gaga’s first ever performance on the EMAs. Even with preforming she is nominated for Best Pop, Best Female and Best Live act for “Born This Way” is nominated for Best Song and Best Video. The EMAs are taking place at Belfast, Ireland. Last year Gaga won three awards at the EMAs. She scored the sixth nominations in the Biggest Fans category, she said “It’s an honor she’ll share with my Little Monsters if I win.”. You can vote here. Vote GAGA

American Music Awards

Gaga has three nominations for the American Music Awards. She’s up for favorite female artist against Katy Perry and Adele.  Her album “Born This Way” is up for favorite album against Adele’s album “21″ and Rihanna’s album “Loud”. And her last nomination is for Artist of the year. Also up for Artist of the year are, Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lil Wayne. You can vote Here. Vote Gaga!

Jo Calderone VMA

Jo opened the 2011 VMA. He was smoking and got onto stage and started singing “Yüo and I”. Personally I enjoyed it. The fact that Gaga dressed in drag upset many people but to others she showed that  she isn’t different. Drag queens everywhere were probably crying in joy. Jo sang the song beautifully. Below is a link to the video of Jo’s performance

Gaga’s EMA nods

In the MTV’s European music awards, Lady Gaga has been nominated for 6 categories. Her “Born This Way” is up for Best song and Best video. Gaga herself is up for Best female, Best live Act, Best pop, and Most Passionate Fans. I believe that Gaga does have the most passionate fans. For example on the Howard stern show, The little monsters went on his twitter and threatened him if they upset Mama monster. They got very descriptive and gory about what they would do to Howard. Gaga said that her little monsters are just very protective. I believe that if someone intentionally hurt Gaga I believe that the Little monsters wouldn’t rest until they got revenge or justice. Personally if anyone hurt Gaga I would be upset and wanting justice but I would take action against the person unless they lived near me. I would use names but I know a little monster that would literally hunt down the person.