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About Jo Calderone

Before I begin let me just say I’m sorry for not posting anything for awhile. I got my 3 of my wisdom teeth out and I’m currently still on meds that make me loopy, plus

model. He first appeared in a Vogue photo shoot in 2010. The Vogue article contained an interview with Jo. When they released the article and the photos no one actually knew if Jo was Gaga, all their were was rumors. Only on August 23rd the official confirmation was released with a video interview with Jo. During a press conference Jo said he is an Italian-America from New Jersey.

Jo was featured in Gaga’s music video of “Yoü and I”. Jo’s

first live appearance was at the recent 2011 MTV Video Music Award. There was much controversy about Jo’s appearance. When Gaga is in her alter-ego, their are time when I can’t tell if Jo is really Gaga.

A side note, I have found a new site for my Gaga info:


Jo Calderone VMA

Jo opened the 2011 VMA. He was smoking and got onto stage and started singing “Yüo and I”. Personally I enjoyed it. The fact that Gaga dressed in drag upset many people but to others she showed that  she isn’t different. Drag queens everywhere were probably crying in joy. Jo sang the song beautifully. Below is a link to the video of Jo’s performance