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Gaga has a bubble dress and a bubble piano, I will be discussing both of them. The Bubble dress is in and a creation of The Haus of Gaga. The dress was created by the haus around the time the song Paparazzi was released. Gaga has worn this outfit many times during the Fame Tour. The bubbles on the dress aren’t real bubbles, they are made of plastic. She made a smaller version of the dress that is a vest. The vest is easier to get out of since Gaga makes many outfit changes during her performances. The bubble dress was on SNL before during a skit with Andy Samberg.¬† The plot line for the skit¬† is Samberg realizing that he is wearing the same Bubble Dress (for the SNL after-party) as Gaga, leading to an uncomfortable exchange. At the end of the skit, they find that Lorne Michaels has also encountered the same problem, wearing a tie with bubble attachments. A replica was made for an episode of Glee for the character Tina.

The bubble piano was inspired by the bubble dress but made by a different designer. It is filled with plastic bubbles and lights up. The outfit and piano is quite amazing. When it first debuted it was on most popular magazines. She modeled with the dress for over fifteen photo shoots. The dress and piano is so unique, I doubt that anyone else would want a bubble or piano.