My reviews/opinon of Gaga's music, videos, and her outfits

American Music Awards

Gaga has three nominations for the American Music Awards. She’s up for favorite female artist against Katy Perry and Adele.  Her album “Born This Way” is up for favorite album against Adele’s album “21″ and Rihanna’s album “Loud”. And her last nomination is for Artist of the year. Also up for Artist of the year are, Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lil Wayne. You can vote Here. Vote Gaga!


Comments on: "American Music Awards" (2)

  1. Mommamonster said:

    Eh, Eh is one of my FAVORITE Gaga songs. Thanks for showing me this video. It reminds me of living in NYC when I was in my 20s. I love the daffodil dress.

    Lady Gaga never disappoints and she is soooo beautiful no matter what she’s wearing….

  2. hello mommamonster, This is the wrong post. This is about the AMAs.

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