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It wears like a normal bra, except for the fact that the device is controlled by a remote control used by Gaga to shoot sparks. Gaga said that the pyro-bra represents how the female body can be used as a weapon. Gaga’s critic’s have said that her pyro-bra is a rip-off of Madonna’s cone bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier who is now designing for Gaga. Gaga said the inspiration for the bra came to her during vacation in hawaii. “I called him from Hawaii [June 2009] and I was like, Matty [Matthew Williams (Dada)], we need to make my tits blow up!” Matty or Dada said it wasn’t possible to light her tits on fire without a fire permit. She told him “You will find a way”, then she hung up on him with out letting him saying anything. Matty or Dada called later with the a sparkler bra idea with a company called Tom Talmon Studio. Dada or Matthew described the bra as ” “It’s really just sparklers—the old sparklers on the tits trick.” However, the effect is really created using high-speed miniature motors outfitted with special carbide grinding wheels. When Ferrocerium rods are pushed into the wheels the sparks are produced. Lady Gaga first debuted the accessory during the ending of the Poker Face performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in 2009. It was later featured in the music video for Bad Romance. Gaga also created another type of sparkler underwear shown on the picture to the right. The underwear shoots the sparklers down-wards from the crotch area. This accessory debuted during the “Paparazzi” performance, at The Monster Ball Tour of 2010, and was worn again on Gaga’s appearance, on the cover of TIME magazine.

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  1. Absolutely love every little thing around Lady Gaga! Kudos friend for posting!

  2. […] some super models and then she gets sold to the Russian mafia. In this video you see Gaga’s  Pyro-bra which I have talked about […]

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