My reviews/opinon of Gaga's music, videos, and her outfits

Angler Fish

The angler fish or fame monster is a prop used during the song Paparazzi in the ‘Monster Ball Tour’. When the song begins the Angler Fish appears, It’s eyes glows, the angler, and it’s teeth as shown to the picture to the right. As the song continues the song bites down and takes off Lady Gaga’s skirt to reveal a leotard. Gaga then puts her Pyro-bra or fire bra. It’s a remote control spark shooter bra. I will review that outfit in a later post.  Back to the fame monster, Gaga tells her fans that she can’t kill her fans herself. Gaga says that the whole story behind the fame monster is that when she was younger, the fish was one of her biggest fears. She says that it’s really great defeating her fear on every night of her show. The fame monster is puppetered by her dancers, with 2-3 dancers operating each tentacle. The fame monster represent fame and gets killed by paparazzi.

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