My reviews/opinon of Gaga's music, videos, and her outfits

Daffodil dress

The dress was used for a short scene in Gaga’s music video “Eh eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”. The dress is short, sorta looks like a corset, and comprised manly of daffodils. The reason Gaga used this dress was to represent happiness in the scene. Yellow is a bright color and also represents happiness. Her make-up, glasses, and hair don’t distract from the dress. The daffodil dress is the main visual attraction during those particular scenes. She has also used the dress in a photo shoot in 2009 in Munich. She did the photo shoot with Michael Wilfiling as the photographer. Gaga also used the dress in a photo shoot with Roba.


Comments on: "Daffodil dress" (3)

  1. Interesting I like daffodils.

  2. […] on. One of the last scene shows her in a yellow dress made of flowers and wearing a yellow watch (Daffodil dress) while singing to the song with a unique hairstyle which shows her hair pulled up and folded over. […]

  3. Like all sorts of things with regards to Lady Gaga! Kudos friend for revealing!

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